Gorilla Dual Temp Full-Size Hot Glue Gun

Gorilla Dual Temp Full-Size Hot Glue Gun - Full-Size

Gorilla Dual Temp Full-Size Hot Glue Gun

The Gorilla Dual Temp Full-Size Glue Gun is an ideal tool for crafts and home projects requiring more glue output and volume. It is light weight, with a comfort grip and a built-in stand making it easy to use. The easy squeeze trigger and long insulated nozzle allow a precise application on any project.


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  • Ideal for wood, metal, glass, floral, and more!
  • For best results, use Gorilla Full-Size Hot Glue Sticks
  • Precision Nozzle
  • Easy Squeeze Trigger
  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Wide Base

Operating Instructions
1. Plug into 120V electrical outlet.
2. Insert 0.43” diameter glue stick into back of glue gun through the feeder tube.
3. Allow gun to heat for approximately 5 minutes.
4. Squeeze trigger to dispense glue. More glue is dispensed by squeezing trigger repeatedly. Continue glue flow by adding additional glue sticks. Note: Requires approximately 2 glue sticks for initial start up.
5. Immediately press surfaces to be bonded together.
6. Do not pull glue sticks from gun. If changing glue, feed remainder of glue stick through glue gun.
7. Unplug after use and allow to cool completely before storing.

Dual Temp Glue Gun: Use High Temperature for Strong Bonding like Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass and more. Use Low Temperature for Delicate Materials like Floral, Fabric, Foam, Jewelry and more.

Glue gun will not heat up: Make sure glue gun is plugged into a 120V electrical outlet. If glue gun still does not work, the internal fuse of the glue gun may be blown, and the glue gun is not repairable. Do not use.

Glue backs up at inlet tube: Glue sticks may be the wrong size. Use only the recommended 0.43” diameter glue sticks. Note: Do not elevate front of glue gun. Always use side stands or attached stand.

Will glue drip from the nozzle?

All glue guns will drip a little. When you first plug in the glue gun, the adhesive in the glue gun chamber will expand, causing it to drip.  This must occur or the glue gun will have problem feeding into the glue gun.

What size glue sticks do I need?

Full Size Glue Sticks should be used in Gorilla Dual Temp Full Size Glue Gun size 0.43″ in diameter.

When should I use low vs. high temperature?

Low temperature setting should be used for delicate materials like floral, fabric, foam, jewelry and more. High temperature setting should be used for strong bonding like wood, plastic, metal, glass and more.

How should I store Gorilla Hot Glue Gun?

Unplug after use and allow glue gun to cool completely before storing. Half used sticks can be stored in the glue gun. Do not expose to rain, moisture or direct sun light.

Is Gorilla Hot Glue food safe?

Gorilla Hot Glue is not recommended for direct or indirect food contact and should not be considered food safe.