Permanent Gorilla Tape All Weather

Permanent Gorilla Tape All Weather

Permanent Gorilla Tape All Weather is an ideal solution for outdoor repairs. Made with incredibly strong, permanent, butyl adhesive and a weather resistant shell, this tape withstands even extreme weather conditions. Permanent Gorilla Tape All Weather resists drying, cracking, and peeling caused by sunlight, heat, cold, and moisture and works in both hot & cold temperatures.


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Hot and cold temperatures
Low tack, strong adhesive
Long lasting through extreme weather conditions


  • PERMANENT: Long Lasting Through Extreme Weather Conditions
  • WATERPROOF: Weather resistant shell
  • WORKS IN HOT & COLD TEMPERATURES:Resists drying, cracking, and peeling caused by sunlight, heat, cold, and moisture.
  • LOW TACK, STRONG ADHESIVE: High Strength Butyl Adhesive


1. Cut or tear desired amount.
2. Apply tape to a clean surface.
3. Rub vigorously to ensure strong adhesion.

Store tape flat on a non-delicate surface.

Note: All Weather Gorilla Tape is made with butyl adhesive that might feel a less tacky but is strong and permanent. Ensure the surface is clean and rub vigorously once applied to ensure strong adhesion.

First Aid and SDS information

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE – Above 40° F, best at room temperature





STORAGE TIPS  – Store in a cool, dry location on non-delicate surface. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Can Gorilla All Weather Tape be used instead of electrical tape?

Gorilla All Weather Tape should NOT be used as an electrical tape.

Will Gorilla All Weather Tape work on plastic/vinyl/rubber?

Gorilla All Weather Tape contains a highly concentrated rubber based adhesive and sticks to most plastics, including polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Gorilla All Weather Tape does not work on materials with high oil or plasticizer content, such as EPDM rubber or PVC. An acrylic tape, such as Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape, may be better suited for these materials.

Is Gorilla All Weather Tape food safe?

Gorilla All Weather Tape is not recommended for direct or indirect food contact and should not be considered food safe.

What if my pet has Gorilla All Weather Tape on their skin/fur?

Do not remove. For more direction call 1-800-420-7186 anytime to reach a member of our product safety team. Additional product safety and first aid information