Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate

Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate - 4 oz.

Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate

Our most durable wood glue, this Ultimate formula is 100% waterproof and incredibly strong, but still easily cleans up with water. It is great for outdoor applications where temperatures or moisture might be a concern, as well as interior projects that could benefit from the extended working time and high strength.


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100% waterproof type 1
15 minutes extended working time
All weather - our most durable wood glue


  • WATERPROOF: Passes the ANSI/HPVA Type 1 water-resistance.
  • REQUIRES ONLY 20-30 MINUTES OF CLAMP TIME: Fully cured in 24 hours.
  • LOW APPLICATION TEMP: As low as 50°F
  • INCREDIBLY STRONG & DURABLE: Withstands exposure to water, sun, and extreme temperatures.

1. Clean and dry surfaces to be bonded.
2. Shake well before use.
3. Apply glue generously to the surface.
4. Join and clamp for 20-30 minutes. Parts should fit tightly.
5. Excess glue can be removed with a clean, wet cloth or scraped off after glue dries.
6. Allow bond to dry for 24 hours.
7. Remove applicator tip to clean out glue build up.
NOTE: Application temperature should be at or above 50°F. Before finishing, sand surfaces to minimize glue exposure.
Not recommended for structural or load bearing applications and not for continuous submersion or below-waterline use.

Applications Temperature: 50 – 75°F (10 – 24°C), best at room temperature
Service Temperature: 0 – 150°F (-17 – 66°C)
Outdoor: Yes
Moisture Resistant: Type I Waterproof
Paintable: Yes
Sandable: Yes
Stainable: Yes
Expands when cured: No
Technical Standards: ANSI/HPVA Type I
Storage Tips: Close cap after use. Store at room temperature. If glue thickens or separates, shake vigorously until restored to original consistency. STORE AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND ANIMALS.
Gap Filling: No

We realize any DIY project may have a spill and we want to help you with tips and tricks to successfully remove glue from fingers and nails.

For bonded skin, please call 1-800-420-7186 to speak to a medical professional.

Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate is too thick for my application, what can I do?

Material can be thinned down by shaking the bottle vigorously.

How can I clean a clogged tip?

To clean the bottle tip, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off excess glue after closing. If tip becomes clogged with dry glue, remove the cap, pull off the nozzle, and push the clog backward with a toothpick, then rinse cap with warm water. If you have difficulty pulling up on the nozzle, use a pair of pliers or scissors placed at the base of the nozzle and twist slightly.

Is Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate food safe?

No, this adhesive is not recommended for direct or indirect food contact.

How do I remove Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate from my body or skin?

To remove Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate from fingers and nails, wash with soap and warm water.

How do I remove Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate from my surface?

To clean up while glue is wet, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off excess glue. Make as many passes as needed with the clean area of the cloth to remove all the glue. When areas have completely dried, sand as needed. To clean up glue that has dried, use a sharp putty knife, razor, or sharp scraper to shave hardened glue from surface, then sand as needed.

My bottle of Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate appears to have separation, can I still use it?

Yes, simply shake the bottle vigorously until all the liquid has mixed back in.